Polish me up Scotty

Polish me up Scotty

I love nail polish. No seriously I really, really love nail polish. I fell in love with them when I was around 16 and have since then built up quite the collection. When I was in my early twenties I was on a mission collecting every single number of a certain nail polish brand and had a long row of their tiny bottles showcased in my bathroom. However since I started this cruelty free, no poo, journey finding good nail polishes have been a total b****. 

Somewhere in the back of my head I had a thought that maybe nail polish was one of the things I would have to say goodbye to. Maybe there were no good alternatives out there. Maybe you need all those strong smelling, harsh chemicals to make nail polish…. well, nail polish. 

Turns out you don’t! I first came across these polishes from Swedish brand Idun Minerals a few months ago and I absolutely love them. They have a wide selection of very pretty and sober colours ranging from palest pink to deepest red. I got these ones in a gift box and these three alone would actually represent the staples of my nail polish wardrobe really well. A bright red that is just perfectly balanced, not to warm and not too cool. A deep burgundy that looks good enough too eat, honestly the colour of this one is completely mesmerising. And a pale pink that leaves just a blush of colour on your nails. AND! These polishes are what Idun calls a 5-free-formula, which means they've removed five unhealthy chemicals from their formula to produce a much better alternative. If we would ignore for a moment that these polishes actually are pretty decent for both you and animals across the world they are also so, so good. You could easily get away with one coat if you’re in a hurry, two coats you’re covered and the shine is incomparable to many others. 

Idun claim that they do no animal testing and I haven’t found anything that would argue with that. As I’m writing this Idun only sell their products on the Nordic market, and in Italy, which leaves me to conclude that their cruelty free claims seems pretty solid. Oh and a shout out to Idun Minerals for actually listing all the ingredients on their website. And so easily found too. Thanks guys!


Cruelty free: Yes
Vegan: Yes
Non-toxic: Not completely, although low content
All-natural: No
Organic: Unknown
Environmentally sound production chain: Unknown
Ethical organisation: Unknown

Find these nail polishes and other Idun products here


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