Bright Spring Color Type

Bright Spring Color Type

Clear spring is eating pineapple on a tropical beach. Bathing in undiluted pomegranate cordial. A psychedelic dream about driving around with a purple Easter bunny. It’s clear blue skies, ice cold water melting. An early spring sun, still cold, but burning your eyes white hot. The squeaky sound of tulip stems. Falling face first into fresh cut grass. Getting lost in an Andy Warhol painting. This is fresh, hot, punchy. The most vibrant of the seasons. This is clear spring.

Essence color: Vibrant acid spring green.

Vibrant acid spring green. Photo credits:  Gilles Trillard

Vibrant acid spring green. Photo credits: Gilles Trillard

Most important thing for Bright Spring:


Second most important thing for Bright Spring:


Best clear spring colors

Lemon yellow – Schiaparelli Pink – Brightest Tropical Blue – Bright Tomato Red – Black – Bright Coral - Warm Purple

Best clear spring neutrals

Bright Navy Blue – Caramel Brown - Luminous Cream 

In the bright spring coloring you find warmth and sharpness combined. It shows the warm freshness that is characteristic for all the spring types but with a remaining of the crisp contrast of winter. Telling of the clear seasons (spring and winter) is often the eyes with the most breathtaking intensity of color. In the clear winter you often find the clearest blue and green in combination with striking dark coloring, or leaning the other way towards white blond or grey hair. In spring we too see the clearest blue, the brightest green but also the most sparkling amber brown.

Bright Spring Celebrities

Compared to the minty fresh iciness of bright winter, the strong blues and greens of bright spring often have a hint of turquoise and/or gold flecks sparkling. This is your natural blond with clear sharp coloring; dark-ish lashes and brows, intensity and clarity of eye color and warm undertones of skin, often with a lot of natural “color” and pigment in skin even when not tanned.
This is your lovely mixed race beauty with warm caramel skin and unexpected clear blue or green eyes. It may also be displayed in medium to dark skinned with raven hair (like Kourtney Kardashian) that could easily be mistaken for a dark autumn (or winter) but that seems to have certain freshness of skin tone that darks miss and that starts to glitter in the vibrant brights of clear spring.
It basically comes down to Clear Spring having a bit more depth to their coloring than the Light- or Warm Spring which makes it possible for them to handle brighter and punchier colors.
The Clear seasons (Winter and Spring) together with the Soft seasons (Summer and Autumn), Light seasons (Spring and Summer) and Dark seasons (Autumn and Winter) are all more neutral (balance of cold and warm) that the True seasons (True/Warm Spring, True/Warm Autumn, True/Cool Summer, True/Cool Winter).
This means Clear Spring can handle warm to neutral colors but leans more warm than the True Winter. The most important thing is, they need brights!

Bright spring colors are perhaps the most difficult to pull off for people who are not Clear Spring. It seems to be quite the misunderstood season, many round pegs wanting to fit into a square hole. Since the colors are so striking they are perfect for making a statement hence all the red carpet fashionistas trying to pull it off.
On the other hand, many a true Clear Spring may not realize the full potential of their coloring and choose to play in safe in more muted colors. I know the only way to truly tell is through draping. I feel however that bright spring might be one of the rarer seasons that I seldom come across in my daily life. Lots of True/Cool Summers, rarely a Bright spring!

Comparing to other seasons

Spring Family types

Brighter, more depth and contrast compared to the other Spring types.

Light Spring - Warm Spring - Clear Spring

Neighboring types

Brighter less warm than Warm Spring, Warmer less icy compared to Clear Winter.

Warm Spring - Clear Spring - Clear Winter

Sister type - The Brights (Clears)

Warmer less icy compared to Clear Winter. Both share the highest contrast & brightness of coloring. Share most important thing - Brightness. Second most important thing for Bright Spring is Warmth, while second most important thing to Bright Winter is Coolness. 

Bright Spring - Bright Winter

Opposite: Soft Summer

Avoid soft, cool & muted colors. The characteristics of your opposite type Soft Summer. You are Bright & Warm, Soft Summer is Soft (low contrast) and leaning cool.

Bright Spring - Soft Summer


Bright Spring can borrow from: Warm Spring, Clear Winter

Warm Spring and Clear Winter both share your factors of Warm & Bright respectively. This means you can borrow some of "their" colors as they are close enough to your palette. 

How to style it

High contrast - Mixing bright colors - Playful - Saturated - Gloss & Shine - Man made - Patterns

Makeup for Bright Spring

Punchy - Glossy - Contrast - Vibrant - Shine & Glitter - Playful

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